Taiwan Tsai Peichang, the tallest person who completed the test, “showed 70-80%”

Taiwanese middle blocker Tsai Pei-chang (22, 203 cm), the tallest participant in the Asian Quarter Tryout, is attracting attention from managers of seven men’s clubs.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held the second evaluation match of the 2023 Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout at Halla Gymnasium in Jeju on the 26th. After the game, Cai Peichang said, “Yesterday I played as soon as I got off the plane, so I felt less relaxed, but today I got used to it and I was able to show a good performance.” I do,” he said.

We asked Cai Feiqiang, the tallest contestant, about when he had grown so much. He replied, “Since I was 17, I’ve grown a lot since I passed 190cm. When I was 18, I became 200cm.”

Tall middle blockers are often rather slow. To this, Tsai Feiqiang replied honestly, “I think the speed is just average.” Besides his height, he picked the fast attack as the part he wanted to appeal to, and mentioned physical strength as the point to be supplemented. 토토사이트

Tsai Peichang, who plays for Pingtung Taipower, a member of her home league, applied for the tryout after being recommended by a senior from her team. “I don’t usually watch a lot of V-League games, but I think it’s a strong league,” he said.

As for the most impressive player in the V-League, he said, “There were a few Korean players I got to know in the youth team. Jang Ji-won (KEPCO) is memorable.” He added, “I also know about Moon Seong-min (Hyundai Capital).”

The final evaluation game scheduled for the next day (27th) was decided to be canceled through discussion by the managers of the seven men’s clubs. A total of 24 applicants, including Tsai Pei-chang, virtually completed all evaluations with the game that day.

The Asian Quarter tryout concludes with the draft, which will be held at 3:00 pm the next day. It remains to be seen which team will select Tsai Peichang, the tallest player.

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