The atmosphere of the interview was different between winning and losing, what was the reason?

KB Stars succeeded in winning three games in a row, and Samsung Life Insurance failed to escape the losing streak. 

Cheongju KB Stars won the 2022-23 Shinhan Bank Sol Women’s Professional Basketball at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th, thanks to Park Ji-soo, Kang I-seul, and Kim Min-jung’s performance, Lee Myeong-gwan, Kang Yu-rim, and Lee Hae-ran’s hard-fought Yongin Samsung Life Insurance 79-75 at the end of a close match. .

As a result of the day, KB Stars recorded 7 wins and 13 losses with 3 consecutive wins, narrowing the gap by 3.5 games to 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank, and Samsung Life Insurance suffered 4 consecutive losses and 12 losses (8 wins), down one notch to 3rd place. sat down

Samsung Life Insurance announced that even Bae Hye-yoon would be leaving the game due to a knee injury. An easy victory for KB Stars, where Park Ji-soo is constantly improving his condition, was expected. The beginning was no different.

Heo Ye-eun, who added 5 points to Iseul Kang, took a 9-0 lead with a breakthrough score. Samsung life quickly conducted operation time and went out to maintenance of the line. 온라인바카라 The counterattack has begun. Starting with Kang Yu-rim’s 3-point shot, he focused on attacking and made a close match.

After the mid-half, Lee Hae-ran and other players scored evenly, and Samsung Life Insurance caught up with a 20-25, 5-point gap to finish the first quarter.

It was a close game from the second quarter. Samsung Life pursued Lee Myung-gwan’s 3-point shot, which exploded along with other attack routes. KB Stars showed problems with concentration and had to allow close matches.

The outcome was unknown until the middle of the fourth quarter. Neither team was ahead. Beyond the mid-point, KB Stars started to lead. Kang I-seul scored successively, and Park Ji-soo and Kim Min-jung scored. In the end, the victory was won. With three consecutive wins, he continued his hopes of entering the mid-table.

After the game, coach Lim Geun-bae said, “The players did everything 100%. You did a good job. Of course, the missing part in the middle came out. But aside from that part, he did really well.” He then said, “I didn’t lose one-side in the rebound fight. I had a strong will to grab the rebound. “It worked out well for you,” he said.

In succession, coach Lim said, “I ordered a lot from young players. I could have been more active, but it’s a bit disappointing. Still, the players did as they ordered relatively. want a little more Still, that part worked out well during recent games,” he praised the young players who performed well despite the defeat.

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