The best team in last year’s K-League goal-making was Suwon FC… FC Seoul is in last place

Suwon FC was the team with the most goal-making ability in the K-League 1 last year. On the other hand, the team that lacked the ability to score goals was FC Seoul.

On the 9th, the Korea Professional Football Federation published the ‘2022 K League Technical Report’, a report that analyzed game data, tactics and strategies of the 2022 season K League.

According to the report, the team that showed the best goal decision last year was Suwon FC.

Suwon FC’s expected score was 41.4 goals, but Suwon FC actually scored 54 goals. More than 12 goals were scored compared to the expected value.

Suwon FC created the 3rd fewest chances in the league, but scored the 2nd most goals in the league along with Jeonbuk based on high decision power.

The key is Lee Seung-woo. Lee Seung-woo’s expected score was 7.47 goals, but the actual score was 14 goals. Lee Seung-woo was counted as the player with the most goals conceded against expected goals in the entire league.

There were many situations where Lee Seung-woo scored goals through bold shooting and flexible body movements. Lee Seung-woo scored a goal through a bold attempt even when the opponent was in front of the defense or in a position where normal shooting was difficult.

In addition to Lee Seung-woo, Jung Jae-yong and Kim Hyeon showed a high value of points compared to expected points and raised Suwon FC to second place in scoring.

Gangwon FC also scored more than 50 goals, scoring close to 8 more goals than expected. Kim Dae-won scored the most goals against expected goals. Defenders Kim Jin-ho and Kim Young-bin also showed high decision-making power.

Daegu Ko Jae-hyun was selected as the player who showed off his high-purity decision through his positioning ability.

Koh Jae-hyun recorded the highest ‘xG per shot’ figure (average 0.195) in K-League 1. 메이저놀이터 This means that the probability of scoring per shot was close to 20%. Ko Jae-hyun scored 13 goals in 32 league games and was named the top scorer in the team.

On the other hand, the team with the weakest goal-making ability was FC Seoul.

FC Seoul was the team with the lowest number of goals against expected goals. FC Seoul lost 7.8 goals compared to the expected score and was disgraced for second place with the least score. Although FC Seoul recorded the 6th highest expected goal value among 12 teams in the league, it was ranked 2nd with the least score. Seongnam FC is the only team that scored fewer goals than FC Seoul.

FC Seoul ranked first in terms of passes, forward passes, passes in the defense area, and passes in the central area, and also showed the second highest score in pressure intensity, but could not lead to a goal. In the end, FC Seoul finished 9th out of 12 teams last year.

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