The birth of the first female foreign setter… Industrial Bank of Korea Asia Quarter 1 Nomination of Phonpun

For the first time in the history of women’s professional volleyball, a foreign setter was born.

IBK Industrial Bank won the first choice in the 2023 KOVO Women’s Asian Quarter Draft held at the Stanford Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 21st and nominated setter Ponpun Gedpard (30, Thailand).

Phonpun, who is 173 cm tall, is currently active as the main setter for the Thai national team and was selected as the biggest language in this draft.

This is the first time a foreign player has played as a setter in the V-League Women’s Division. In the men’s division, there is Vlado Petkovic, who played for Woori Capital in the 2009-2010 season.

Hyundai E&C, which won the second place nomination, selected 174 cm tall outside heater Wipawi Sitong (24, Thailand).

In the third place, KGC Ginseng Corporation chose Megawatti Puttiwe (24), an apogeit spiker for the Indonesian national team.

The Korea Expressway Corporation nominated 180 cm tall Apogee Spiker Tanacha Soksot (23, Thailand) as the fourth priority, and the 5th ranked Pepper Savings Bank named MJ Phillips (28, Philippines), a middle blocker with a height of 182 cm.

In the 6th place, GS Caltex selected Indonesian national team outside hitter Medi Yoku (24), and in the 7th place, Heungkuk Life Insurance selected Japanese striker Reina Dokoku (24), respectively.

On this day, the order of nomination was determined by an equal probability lottery method in which 10 marbles from 7 teams were randomly selected in a probability lottery machine.

Apart from the existing foreign player system, which contracts one player per team, the Asian Quarter recruits players from a total of 10 countries, including 4 East Asian countries (Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong) and 6 Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar). It is a new system in which one person per team is selected as the target. 메이저사이트

Previously, 23 players (8 from Thailand, 6 from the Philippines, 3 from Japan, 3 from Indonesia, 1 from Taiwan, and 2 from Hong Kong) submitted applications.

As a result, 3 people from Thailand, 2 people from Indonesia, and 1 person each from Japan and the Philippines were selected.

The annual salary of players selected for the Asian Quarter is 100,000 dollars. It is excluded from the total amount of domestic player remuneration.

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