The ‘drug dealer’ bad boy who made Kim Ha-seong forget, the return countdown begins… Expected to return on the 21st

The return of Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego) is imminent. Tune your last senses in a minor league game. 

In August of last year, Tatis Jr., who was suspended for 80 games for taking a banned substance and received a severe punishment, will start playing in Triple A matches on the 5th (Korean time). said, “Tatis Jr. could play 15 rehabilitation games before returning to the big leagues.” 

Tatis, who underwent surgery on his left wrist and shoulder one after another after being suspended from a business trip last year, started playing in the spring camp exhibition game this year. He went through a process of getting used to this position as he moved positions from shortstop to right field. The Triple A game is the last step to develop a solid adaptability in right field. 

Tatis Jr.’s position change was inevitable. Last year, Kim Ha-seong filled the shortstop position to the extent that Tatis Jr.’s vacancy was overshadowed. As Kim Ha-seong leaped from an infield utility player to a starting shortstop, Tatis Jr.’s positional shift surfaced in earnest. And when Xander Bogarts signed an 11-year, $280 million free agent deal last winter, Tatis Jr. had to change his position to an outfielder. It is a way to prevent chronic shoulder dislocation injuries and maximize offensive power. 바카라 

According to, ‘Tatis will adjust his playing volume to play full-time over the next 15 days. He said, ‘I will digest 7 innings in the first two games,’ and ‘I look forward to playing the game without any restrictions after Tatis returns.’

Coach Melvin said, “When Tatis returns, I expect him to play an active role like the other players.” 

If the regular season game goes ahead as scheduled, Tatis Jr.’s return point is likely to be a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 21st.

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