“The same Babel is in a new environment” “Happiness of fans cheering”… FA big catch is coming

Players who will warm up the professional basketball free agent (FA) market this year have gathered in one place. In general, he was cautious, saying, “I haven’t received a call from the club I want to recruit yet,” but he foreshadowed an air-conditioning league that was as interesting as the regular league, leaving several possibilities open.

The Professional Basketball League (KBL) held a 2023 FA briefing session at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 9th. 16 of the 47 people on the FA target list attended. KBL’s explanation of the overall system was close to the original theory, but all attendees listened attentively as it was a critical period in which the future of the player’s life was at stake. Questions related to the system, such as overseas expansion, compensation players, and FA qualification requirements that can be felt higher than other sports, were also followed.

After the briefing session, the big fish players showed embarrassing smiles in front of the camera, saying, “I haven’t been contacted anywhere yet.” Everyone had the same position that they were ready for a new challenge. Yang Hong-seok of Suwon KT said, “As I played for KT for 6 years, even if I lift the same barbell, I want to try it in a new environment.” All doors are open,” he explained.

Moon Seong-gon, the best defender in the league who contributed to the treble of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, also attended. He jokingly said that he had not received any contact even after the free agency negotiations started the day before, saying, “I wonder if it is ruined,” he said, “I am thinking with my mind open.” He also added that the enthusiastic support of Anyang’s home fans would have a great impact on his future decision. He said, “It is not easy to receive such support,” and thanked the fans, saying, “(Thanks to) I am happy during the championship match and after that.” 바카라사이트

Choi Seong-won, who performed like Altoran in the runner-up process of Seoul SK, is a particularly attractive resource in this market where guards are relatively rare. Delaying the exercise of FA rights coincided with the timing of his enlistment, and as a result, it worked as a trick. “It seems that my hard work in the management has led to good results this season,” he said, expressing his wish, “I want to play in an environment where I can grow.”

All 47 FA candidates, including them, will negotiate autonomously with all 10 clubs until noon on the 22nd. In this process, when a contract is concluded, disclosure is made immediately.

If the contract is not completed by the deadline, each club holds the key. By noon on the 25th, write a letter of intent for unsigned players. At this time, if multiple clubs reveal their intention to sign, the player can choose, but if only one club is submitted, the player has practically no choice. This is because if you refuse to join, you will be restricted from participating in the KBL League for 5 years.

If you do not receive a letter of intent from any club, the final negotiation table is set up with the original team. Ultimately, the contract must be completed by noon on the 30th of this month to play the next season.

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