The topic of management of the national team proposed by Klinsman is ‘communication’

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann presented communication as an important topic in running the national soccer team.

At the 2023 Korea Football Association Leaders Conference held at the Goyang International Youth Cultural Center on the 15th, Klinsmann, the new national team coach, said, “Communication is important in the national team’s work.” We also have to interact with them,” he said.

On this day, the conference was a place where experts who had been on the field at the time shared information with about 200 domestic leaders, including K-League coaches and students of the P-level coaching class, regarding the new soccer trends identified at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. In addition, around 1,000 leaders were connected online to observe.

Coach Klinsman was also active as a member of the Technical Study Group (TSG) of the International Football Federation (FIFA), so he was not stingy in sharing his experiences. He did not give a keynote speech, but at the end of the event, he had a conversation with the theme of ‘the future of Korean football through the World Cup in Qatar’. “Every day is a process of learning about Korea,” coach Klinsman said. “At the World Cup in Qatar, the team that adapted to the environment of the Middle East performed well. 더블유 토토 Teams that were not psychologically prepared, such as Germany, Spain and Denmark, were eliminated early. The most important part is mental,” he emphasized.

Coach Klinsman also revealed his position that he would value communication in running the national team within a limited amount of time. “The most important thing is communication,” he said. “There may be differences at home and abroad, but I think human level management is important.” He said, “It is important to know where the players are, what kind of psychological state they have, and what problems they have. Heung-min Son, Min-jae Kim, Kang-in Lee and even K-leagues will understand the goal and inspire motivation.”

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