Tottenham ‘Pick’ turned around with his team… “Leave in winter” declaration

The goal of emotion deepened.

British media ‘BBC’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “Leandro Trossar (28) announced through his agent that he would be leaving Brighton & Hove Albion. He will not sign a new contract after falling out with manager Roberto De Gervi,” it was reported.

I had a falling out with the director. De Gevri removed Trosar from the list ahead of Brighton’s match with Liverpool on the 15th. According to ‘BBC’, Trosar 먹튀검증 is known to have left work early from team training without permission.

The agent spoke directly. “Trosar suffered a calf injury,” he said. “He and the coach did not speak for a month. Leaving in the winter transfer window will benefit both sides.” In fact, it seems that the relationship with the club has completely changed.

In fact, Trosar is in individual training after a conflict with the club. ‘BBC’ said, “Trossar started training alone after leaving Brighton and Middlesbrough’s FA Cup match early,” and “Trossar kept the bench against Everton. The agent was angry at the director who left him without any explanation.”

He clearly expressed his intention to transfer. Trosar’s agent said, “I am taking care of my body through physical training,” and “The coach excluded Trosar from the team. He said he didn’t want to see me anymore. I cannot understand a coach who has not communicated directly with the players for 4 weeks. Brighton should consider a move for Trossar in the winter transfer window.”

The director did not stay still. “Trosar’s attitude was not good,” said De Jerbi. “The reason he was excluded from the squad,” he said. “He left the training ground without a word. I only want players who play 100% for the team. I haven’t heard anything about the transfer market yet.”

Meanwhile, according to multiple media outlets such as the British ‘Express’, Trosar is known as the goal of recruiting Tottenham Hotspur in the winter transfer market. The media announced that “Tottenham, Newcastle United and Arsenal are also closely watching Trosar’s situation.”

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