Tottenham Withdraw Pickford Renewal? ‘NO! I found an anti-war transfer clause’

Tottenham of the English Premier League (EPL) are rushing to recruit a new goalkeeper to replace their flagship goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

Among many candidates named, Tottenham’s most wanted goalkeeper is Everton’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Local media continued to report that Tottenham desperately wanted Pickford.

But the moment came when Tottenham had no choice but to withdraw the Pickford signing. This is Pickford’s contract renewal news. Everton recently announced that they had re-signed Pickford to a new four-and-a-half-year contract. As a result, Pickford’s contract expires in June 2027.

In fact, it rarely happens that a player who has just renewed his contract transfers to another team. Because of this, the prospect that Tottenham would give up Pickford continued. 위너 토토

However, there was a ‘big twist’ hidden. Tottenham did not give up on Pickford signing. He did not give up his will to recruit as the number one replacement for Yoris in the summer transfer market. There is a crucial reason. This is because they found a transfer clause that had not been disclosed until now.

England’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Pickford is still the number one target for Tottenham’s goalkeeper recruitment. Even though Pickford recently renewed his contract with Everton, he did not let go of his will for Pickford. Tottenham discovered a hidden transfer clause between Pickford and Everton. “The clause says that if Everton are relegated this season, they can sell Pickford. It’s been agreed.”

The media added, “If Everton is relegated, Pickford’s ransom will be lowered. Nevertheless, Tottenham is setting around £35 million (55.7 billion won).”

There is a possibility that Everton will be relegated. Everton are currently 15th in the league with 25 points. but it’s dangerous Last place Southampton has 21 points, 19th place Leeds United has 23 points.

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