U-18 baseball team plays Korea-Japan, variable is ‘this’

The U-18 baseball team is back in the medal race at the World Baseball Classic. The team suffered a blowout loss to Chinese Taipei in their first game, but rebounded to win their next four games to advance to the Super Round.
Led by Chungam High School’s Lee Young-bok, the U-18 baseball team advanced to the Super Round of the WBSC U-18 World Cup in Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan, starting last month 31st. The team clinched their spot in the Super Round early with back-to-back wins over Chile, Australia, and Mexico, while also defeating Puerto Rico to secure second place in their group.

Despite the cancellation of their first match due to rain, and a 6-1 loss to the home team, Chinese Taipei, shortly thereafter, the team played flawlessly in their next four matches to claim victory. Against Mexico, Cho Hyun-min’s “frog bunt” was reminiscent of Kim Jae-bak’s in the past.

Players’ counterattacks and sensible play stood out

The players suffered a disappointing loss against Chinese Taipei on the 2nd with a score of 6-1. However, the players proved that the first game was not a setback as they won 14-1 in the rain against Chile on the 3rd.

Against Australia, which was played in the rain on the 4th, Yuk Sun-yeop (Jang Chung-go) pitched 6.1 innings and Kim Taek-yeon (Incheon-go) pitched 0.2 innings of no-hit ball to secure a 3-0 victory.

Against Mexico, who finished last in the group on Day 5, the team was unexpectedly locked in a tight game early on against Cruz Guajardo. Cruz Guajardo pitched four scoreless innings, and Korea gave up a run to Mexico in the second inning. However, in the fifth inning, Yeon Jun-won (Busan High School) tied the game with an RBI single.

Especially in the 6th inning, there was a highlight. Cho Hyun-min (Chungam High School) didn’t miss a chance to steal second base. He managed to hit a squeeze bunt reminiscent of Kim Jae-bak’s “frog bunt” in the past. Cho Hyun-min’s clever bunt gave South Korea a 2-1 win over Mexico and a spot in the Super Round.

‘An Bang Ma-nim’ also stood out. Lee Yul-ye, a sophomore at Gangneung High School, has been the starting catcher in this tournament. He might be nervous because the main players in the lineup are in their third year, but he has been performing like an alto in the leadoff spot as well as in the batting order.

The medal race begins in earnest… Variables in the Korea-Japan match 소닉카지노

The Super Round schedule starts on September 7.

The problem is the doubleheader schedule. The game against Puerto Rico, scheduled for the 1st, was pushed to the 6th, the reserve day, due to rain cancellation. However, during the game on the 6th, the game was canceled due to rain caused by a typhoon, and the Super Round schedule was affected.

The players moved to Taipei, where the Super Round was held the next day, to play Puerto Rico again. Luckily, Korea won 8-1 and secured second place in the group, but the players had to play the Korea-Japan game immediately after the Puerto Rico game on the finalized schedule.

Of course, there was the variable of the typhoon, but they managed to beat Japan, who had two days off, in a “doubleheader”.

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