‘UCL qualification + 2 trips’ – what money can’t buy for Munich, Tottenham → ‘Wooing Kane’

Bayern Munich has a card that money can’t buy.

“Munich’s honorary chairman Uli Hoeneß said Tottenham would have to ‘buckle up’ if they wanted to keep Kane,” the Guardian reported on April 16. Two bids from Munich have been rejected, with the last one worth more than £68 million.”

“Honorary chairman Hoeneß says Kane has signaled his desire to join Munich and is confident of signing him this summer. Chairman Daniel Levy has offered Kane a huge new contract,” the report said, highlighting an interview Höhnes gave to Germany’s Sputnik 1.

“Kane made it clear that he made his decision in every competition,” Höness said, according to the publication. If it (the decision to go to Munich) stays, we will sign him, because Tottenham will have to ‘buckle up’,” Höhnes quipped. “Kane wants to play internationally. Tottenham are not playing in Europe next year. Kane has the opportunity to come to the best club in Europe. It’s fine as it is,” he said.

The transfer market is heating up. Tottenham are pushing to re-sign him, offering £400,000 a week and a post-retirement role. Munich have had two bids rejected and are showing no signs of giving up. For now, Kane has returned to Tottenham after his vacation.

Munich holds a card that Tottenham can’t buy. A ticket to the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Kane’s desire for a major trophy is driving his move. He’s looking for more than an English Premier League (EPL) title.

That’s where Munich comes in. Along with Barcelona, they have won a historic ‘double continental treble’ (2012-13, 2019-20). Thomas Tuchel, who takes over midway through the upcoming season 토토사이트 after being sacked last season, also has experience lifting the ‘big one’ (the UCL trophy).

Spurs, on the other hand, failed to qualify for the Europa League (UEL) and Europa Conference League (UECL), let alone the UCL. Kane, who will soon be in his 30s, is unlikely to re-sign with Tottenham even if he stays, as his chances of winning the ‘big one’ are slim.

Currently, Tottenham are demanding more than £100 million for the player, even though he has just 12 months left on his contract. Munich, Tottenham, and Kane are having a very important summer.

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