‘Undefeated march’ Gimpo, challenge for the first win against Anyang… Will the upward trend continue?

Gimpo FC challenges the league undefeated march against ‘strong’ FC Anyang.   

On the 19th at 7:00 PM, Gimpo, who had ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 Round 8’ at Salter Soccer Field, defeated Busan I’Park 1-0 and went undefeated in 7 league games. 

Gimpo had a 3-5-3 formation that day, with goalkeeper Park Cheong-hyo, Kim Min-ho, Lee Kang-yeon, and Cho Seong-kwon starting as three backs. The midfielders were Seo Jae-min, Jang Yun-ho, Pablo, Lee Seong-jae, and Kim Seong-min, and Lewis and Son Seok-yong were at the forefront. 

At the beginning of the game, Busan showed a tight game, but Son Seok-yong’s opening goal in the 41st minute gave Busan their first loss of the season. 메이저놀이터

Immediately after the match, head coach Ko Jeong-woon said, “I want to praise Son Seok-yong’s goals as well as the players who played a goalless game. The result was only possible because the players believed in each other.”

Gimpo now meets Anyang. Last season, Gimpo recorded 1 draw and 3 losses against Anyang, showing inferiority in the opponent record. However, Gimpo is expecting a turnaround in this game. Not only the overwhelming performance of the South American trio of Juninyo-Luis-Pablo, but also Son Seok-yong, who was responsible for Gimpo’s offense last season, revived, making Gimpo’s offensive power even stronger.

In addition, Gimpo is showing the best air defense harmony by recording the least points in the league. Attention is focusing on whether Gimpo can use this rising trend as a stepping stone to gain points against Anyang.

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