What did Kang Ji-hoon, the guardian under the goal of Yonsei University, say to Lee Gyu-tae before the match?

Kang Ji-hoon (19, 202cm), a freshman, is taking his place as a new guardian under the goal of Yonsei University.

Kang Ji-hoon of Yonsei University started in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular league home game against Sungkyunkwan University held at Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 10th, showing off his presence with 10 points, 9 rebounds and 3 blocks, and the team won (84-65 ) contributed to

From the beginning of the game, Kang Ji-hoon and Lee Kyu-tae attacked Sungkyunkwan University’s goal. While Lee Gyu-tae showed his presence through mid-range shots, Kang Ji-hoon scored with offensive rebounds and bottom-of-the-box shots. Kang Ji-hoon added weight to the team’s lead by scoring 9 points in the first quarter alone. In the second half, Kang Ji-Hoon enjoyed the joy of victory by contributing to the team through screens and rebounds.

Kang Ji-hoon said, “In the last confrontation with Sungkyunkwan University, we gave up the lead and followed it hard to win. I think this game also went well. It was another game that I studied.”

Yonsei University finished the first half with a 16-point lead (52-36), but faced a crisis as it was pushed back by 10-25 in the third quarter. A fierce battle was expected in the 4th quarter, but they won the victory with an overwhelming advantage (22-4) in the 4th quarter as if to pay for the inferiority in the 3rd quarter.

The 3rd and 4th quarters were like heaven and earth. What did the players talk about before the 4th quarter? Kang Ji-hoon said, “The reason we were behind in the third quarter was because we didn’t have the basics. From the coach to the captain, Ki Sang-hyung Yoo, the basic defensive rebound was emphasized. That part was the driving force for our team to hit in the fourth quarter.” 카지노

It is Kang Ji-hoon who collaborated with Lee Kyu-tae for many points and rebounds. The two players are also roommates who share the same room. Ahead of this match, the two players said they had talked a lot since the day before. Kang Ji-hoon said, “I share a room with (Lee) Kyu-tae-hyung. From the night of yesterday (9th), Kyu Tae-hyung said to wake up and play this game. I struggled in the last confrontation, so this time I said let’s do well from the beginning.”

Kang Ji-hoon also held a ceremony after blocking Min Ki-nam’s breakthrough in the third quarter. It is Kang Ji-hoon, who records not only this block but also several blocks in each game, showing clear rim protecting ability. Kang Ji-hoon smiled awkwardly, saying, “There was no contact, it was just a ceremony.”

Yonsei University started the season in a good mood with 6 consecutive wins ahead of the break. Kang Ji-hoon said his health is his priority for the rest of the season. Kang Ji-hoon said, “There was an injured person on the team. Not getting hurt is the biggest goal. Personally, my goal is to finish the regular season in good health this year.”

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