‘What did you do to get hurt?’ 6 people who are synonymous with glass bodies, what if there were no injuries?

Would your career have been better if you hadn’t been injured?

On the 14th, ‘onefootball’, a soccer content production company, threw an interesting topic, saying, “Imagine the careers of these 6 players if there were no injuries.”

The six players mentioned are Ousmane Dembele, Arjen Robben, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus, Gareth Bale and Neymar.

Needless to say, the skills of the 6 players are world class. However, he swallowed regret as he was caught up in an injury at an important moment.

Bale was a key resource at Real Madrid, but his glass body temperament prevented him from flying. He was often injured at a crucial point and was not useful to the team.

In particular, while receiving a weekly wage of 900 million, he often broke away from power, and a dishonorable image of eating and running was stuck.

Azar is also suffering. He showed great performances, including playing crack at Chelsea, and wore the shirt of Real Madrid.

The expectations for Azar were high. However, frequent injuries due to his poor weight control saw him spend more time off the bench. mma 토토

Hazard also had an image of being eaten like a veil because his performance was below expectations compared to the transfer fee he invested.

Neymar is also secretly a glass body. He recently injured his right ankle and was out of action for three or four months. season is out

Since joining PSG, Neymar has had frequent departures due to large and small injuries. He was reported to have missed 45.3% of his games.

Robben is also famous as a representative glass body in the soccer world, and the prospect that Ousmane Dembele and Marco Reus would show more activity if they had fewer injuries is dominant.

Photo = onefo

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