Will Kim Ha-seong stay in San Diego? Boston, etc. “Internal player moderation”

The teams mentioned as the trade destination for Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) have revealed plans to fill the gap with existing internal players.

First of all, the possibility of Kim Ha-sung’s trade seems to be decreasing. However, the solution presented by the clubs has a question mark on it, so it seems difficult to completely rule out the possibility of a transfer.

In a recent public event, the head coaches of the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) introduced the infield management plan for the new season side by side.

The two teams were selected as the trade destination for Kim Ha-seong as the main infielders left in the transfer market.

According to US media Sports Illustrated (SI), Boston coach Alex Cora was asked at a Fan Fast event on the 21st (Korean time) what kind of player he would appoint as shortstop for the new season, “Enrique Hernandez is a player with great steps and power. “I believe he can do a good job,” he said.

In addition, the starting second baseman suggested an alternative, saying, “Christian Arroyo will play in more games than in the 2022 season.”

In Boston, the keystone combination disappeared in an instant as the former main shortstop Sander Bohartz moved to San Diego and the main second baseman Trevor Story left due to elbow surgery.

Accordingly, many foreign media reports reported that Boston may promote a trade with San Diego and recruit Kim Ha-seong, who can see both shortstop and second baseman defense.

However, the trade was hampered by Boston’s lack of the starting pitching resources San Diego was hoping for, leading to Cora’s comments that he would fill the void with internal resources.

Atlanta, which suffers from infield resource shortages like Boston, also revealed its plan to endure as an internal player.

At a Fan Fast event on the 21st, Atlanta coach Brian Snicker announced that he would give Bon Grisham, a rookie infielder who made his MLB debut last season, a chance to become the starting shortstop.

Atlanta’s shortstop position is vacant as infielder Dansby Swanson transferred to the Chicago Cubs.

Coach Snicker said, “We plan to use inside players,” and said, “If Grisham is the starter and Orlando Arcia serves as a backup, we will be able to play well for a season.”

However, the infield management plans of Boston and Atlanta are unstable.

Hernandez, whom Boston coach Cora selected as a candidate for the starting shortstop, is not a professional infielder. He mainly watched outfield defense until last season.슬롯사이트

Arroyo, a candidate for the starting second baseman, also has a history of injury, so he is uneasy about taking full-time positions.

The situation in Atlanta is similar. The Associated Press said, “Grisham is a rookie who played 39 games as a second baseman and one game as a shortstop last season” It’s not very suitable,” he said.

Considering this situation, it seems that the possibility of Kim Ha-sung’s transfer has not completely disappeared.

San Diego is overflowing with key infielders such as Bohartz, Fernando Tatis Jr., Ha-sung Kim, and Jake Cronenworth. San Diego recently revealed plans to hire Tatis Jr. as an outfielder, but there are still plenty of starting infielders.

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