Women’s basketball player Kim Jong-un “I’m more worried this time than when I left Hanawon Q”

Women’s professional basketball’s ‘comrade leader’ Kim Jong-un has returned to his ‘parent’.

Kim Jong-un, who helped Asan Woori Bank win the championship in the 2022-2023 season, signed a contract with Bucheon Hanawon Q on the 19th as a free agent (FA).

Kim Jong-un, who was nominated by Hana 1Q’s predecessor Shinsegae as the first overall pick in the 2006 rookie draft, played for only one team until 2017.

In 2012, when Shinsegae disbanded the basketball team and Hana Financial Group took over, Kim Jong-un, who was the team’s flagship player, silently digested the role of the ‘lonely ace’ of the lower-tier team and was called ‘the girl’s head’.

Then, after Kim Jong-un obtained FA qualification in 2017, he suddenly transferred to Woori Bank, the strongest in the league, surprising the basketball world, and later won the long-awaited championship match twice.

And after 6 years of leaving Woori Bank, he returned to Hana 1Q, his ‘parent’.

Kim said, “Even when I went to Woori Bank, I thought it was the last team, but as expected, nothing in life goes as planned.” He shared his impressions of the transfer. 먹튀검증

He said, “Since Shinsegae was acquired by Hana Financial Group with difficulty, the sense of mission and responsibility was so great that I would put this team on top.” I remembered 6 years ago.

Kim Jong-un, who had never thought of leaving Hana Bank, said, “After the injury, the surgery went well, so I thought I could rise again if I waited for a while, but I felt that the team really wanted a generational change,” and made the decision to transfer to another team. background was explained.

Kim Jong-un, who left Hana 1 Q, returned this time, saying, “So after I went to Woori Bank, I hated Hana 1 Q so much.” Introduced the reason for choosing

In particular, the weakening of power accelerated as most of the players who obtained FA qualifications at Hana 1Q left the team, and Kim Jong-un expressed regret, saying, “Two years ago, Kang I-seul also left for KB, and they said that in the last two years, 11 wins were all.”

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