Almost every online casino you can find will be sure to offer you an incentive of some description to play on their site over everyone else’s. Whilst it is certainly nice to have so much choice when it comes to bonuses, it can be a little confusing working out which one will be the most useful for you. Knowing your favorite games, your available funds for playing, and how often you can be bothered to sign up to a new website are all helpful, but the real key is understanding exactly what the differences between bonuses actually are. This is a simple guide to understanding the bonuses on offer and picking the one that will affect your bottom line.

Free Bets
If you primarily enjoy sports betting then this is likely to be the sort of bonus that will appeal to you the most. Free bets can be as simple as a site giving you a certain amount to bet on anything you’d like, but they often come with more strings attached than that. For example, some sites will offer you a free bet on a horse race, but only if your original horse falls. In this case, you first have to place the bet with your own money, and then if your horse wins you get paid out, if your horse loses then you lose, but if your horse falls then you get your stake back to bet on another race.

Free bets can also be tied in with certain games, for example, if a major football game is on, then companies sometimes give out small bets to entice you into using them. Another slightly different format is when sites offer to match your bet, meaning that if you bet £5 on a certain outcome, they will match that £5. This form of ‘free bet’ is similar to a deposit match, but slightly different as we’ll explain below.

Deposit Match Bonuses
Deposit match bonuses are almost always applicable to new accounts only. This type of bonus encourages you to sign up with a site in exchange for them crediting your account with whatever your initial deposit is. If you deposit £5 then they’ll deposit £5 too. Some cap this at £50, some have no cap and others will deposit a fraction of your initial deposit rather than the whole amount.

If you already know that you like the way that the site works, then you should looking for deposit match bonuses where they match your entire deposit and either don’t have strict limits – so that you can make the most of it. You’ll find these sorts of deposits on both casino sites and sports betting sites.

No Deposit Bonuses
Perhaps the most useful bonus you can get is the no deposit bonus. These bonuses don’t require you to part with any of your own cash at all; 토토사이트 a site will simply deposit a nominated amount of money into your account for you to play with. This is always available to new customers only, as this kind of bonus is intended to get you to try out a site and hopefully like it enough to deposit some of your own money.

In order to prevent people from signing up to numerous sites and immediately cashing out, no deposit bonuses must all be wagered before any winnings can be drawn. This prevents people from making unlimited amounts of money and also prevents casino sites from immediately going bust. If you’d like to find yourself one of these bonuses then you can search on Google or check this page to select your no deposit bonus.

Free Spins
Here at OCE, we have plenty of information on bonuses for slot machine players. Online slot machines are one of the most popular attractions at online casinos and they even have their own specific bonuses to prove it. Free spins are obviously not useful for sports bettors or poker players, but are really handy if you’re looking to try out a new slots website. These bonuses will credit your account with a specified number of free spins, which allows you to stretch your play money further and get to properly experience what a new slots website has to offer. You can find a full list of the best casino bonuses here.